Founded in Québec City in 2005 under the artistic direction of Choreographer Karine Ledoyen, Danse K par K is a company dedicated to the research, creation and presentation of contemporary dance.


Karine Ledoyen

Photo: David Cannon

Karine Ledoyen is an exceptional element in the world of contemporary dance. A shining star, she dives, aims and dares, gathering with her all those who cross her artistic trajectory. — Josianne Desloges, Le Soleil, January 2011

Interview with Karine Ledoyen in 2015
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After twelve years of existence, the company continues to renew itself and be a complementary and essential pole for choreographic development in Québec City.

Danse K par K encourages reflection on dance by borrowing from unconventional currents. The company promotes openness to mixing of forms of expression, while offering a privileged place for dancers who take part in the creative process. The development of the gesture is based on the properties of each dancer and the interactions they develop between themselves. The various external agents are also an important source of influence for creation.

Within her artistic approach, Karine Ledoyen is interested in revealing the ‘fragility’ that inhabits the body and explores the different scenic strategies to place it on stage. Notably, Karine uses the integration of digital scenic devices, which are an integral part of the creation, and that contribute more than just a basic aesthetic effect.

Since 2010, Karine Ledoyen has collaborated with Sound and Technological Artist Patrick Saint-Denis. This association has generated several reflections on the contribution that technological culture can make to dance. In order to get a better grasp of the issues this combination can produce, Karine Ledoyen began her Master’s degree in Research-Creation (MA) at Université Laval in 2016.

Interdisciplinarity is also of great importance in the work of Danse K par K. The richness that results from the friction of different points of views brings a variety of artistic approaches. Danse K par K offers the public a sensitive and innovative diversity of opportunities and encounters that call for a redefinition of the dance experience.

The company is on an insatiable quest for freedom, inclusion, sharing and openness to others. These provisions generate several opportunities to rethink dance creation and have become a hallmark of the dance company. To create at Danse K par K is synonymous with taking risks.

The company and Choreographer Karine Ledoyen have made their mark in Québec and internationally, among other things with the tour of the popular Osez! project. Produced for nine consecutive years on different docks in Québec and Europe (2002 to 2010), close to 300 artists have taken part in the project and it has been seen by over 14,000 spectators. At the request of dance professionals from Québec via the Conseil de la culture de Québec, the Osez! event has been brought back to life seven years after its final presentation to celebrate the official opening of La Maison pour la danse de Québec in Québec City in September 2017.

The Danse de salon (2017) project, winner of the Dense Danse Award in the Surprise Show of the Year category, belongs to the same family as Osez! Both projects are characterized by spontaneous creation and are works with large groups of performers developing rich artistic encounters. The flexible form of these projects is conducive to presentation outside institutional showrooms.

Danse K par K has 6 works that have toured mainly in the province of Québec: Danse de nuit (2016), Trois paysages (2013) a co-production with La Rotonde – Centre chorégraphique de Québec, Danse de garçons (2013) a co-production with Daniel Danis, Arts/Sciences and the actors collective Théâtre du temps qui s’arrête, La Nobody (2011) a co-production with MAYDAY, Air (2010) and Cibler (2008).

The Board of Directors of Danse K par K is composed of France Lachance (President), Gaétan Gosselin (Vice-president), Ariane Voineau (Secretary-Treasurer), Liviu Dospinescu (Administrator), Brian Lipson (Administrator) and Karine Ledoyen (Administrator).

Since 2010, Danse K par K has worked with Development and Diffusion Agent Suzie Larivée of Compagnie Larivée Cabot Champagne and La Tribu. Danse K par K has entrusted its administrative management to Francine Chabot of Gestion FCDB since 2013.

Since 2017, Danse K par K is resident company of the Maison pour la danse de Québec.