Workshops with Emmanuelle Huynh

During French Choreographer Emmanuelle Huynh’s visit to Québec, Danse K par K had the pleasure of organizing a workshop she gave to Québec City’s contemporary dance community.

Emmanuelle Huynh’s artistic preoccupations are similar to those of Choreographer Karine Ledoyen. The two artists met as part of an invitation from the Canada Research Chair in the Creation of a Dramaturgy of Sound in Theatre at the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (UQAC).

The workshop given by Emmanuelle Huynh explored the practice of space, body commitment and compositional tools.

“We will begin with a proprioceptive warm-up where we will focus particularly on vision/contact/weight. This will alternate between solitary work, work in pairs and groups. It will gradually slide towards a dance experiment. In the second part of the session we will work to enter into space, build a landscape, an image, experience its duration, produce its transformation.”

Emmanuelle Huynh, Choreographer and Instructor.



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