La Nobody (The Nobody)

Guided by the pure desire to work together, the La Nobody project was created spontaneously and intended to develop outside the perimeters of all expectations. Considered a satellite project of the MAYDAY and Danse K par K Companies, La Nobody is a small pocket piece that is easy to carry.

On stage are Jocelyn Pelletier, actor and DJ for the occasion and Karine Ledoyen, who embodies a female character with bipolar tendencies, a little tired and completely hysterical, who clings desperately to love. She moves but does not dance. She speaks but does not act. She rebels and conforms. She kills herself and survives. She preaches and is bored. She submits and withdraws.

La Nobody questions the feminine identity and its relation to the world. La Nobody points out the make-up, facades and burdens. La Nobody lives in phase with its time, in decay and with impulses of self-destruction. An unidentified object, the creative impulse requires working off the beaten track, definitions and the rules of programming. In this way, La Nobody exists as it is, like a bastard concept that has no home!

With this project, we record our approach outside of risks, expectations and aspirations. The only real ambition is to create a space of freedom and experimentation for the invited artists around the project who promise themselves an authentic and uncommon artistic object.




Laboratory 1_ / June 17, 2010: Presented as part of the third edition of Chantiers/ constructions artistiques, in collaboration with the Carrefour international de Théâtre and Premier Acte.

Laboratory 2_ / May 28-29-30, 2011 at 7:00 PM: Presented as part of OFFTA.

Production: MAYDAY / Danse K par K

Concept: Mélanie Demers and Karine Ledoyen

On Stage: Karine Ledoyen and Lucien Ratio

Laboratory 2_ / May 28-29-30, 2011 at 7 PM: Presented as part of OFFTA.

Concept: Mélanie Demers and Karine Ledoyen

On Stage: Karine Ledoyen and Jocelyn Pelletier

Texts: Jocelyn Pelletier in collaboration with Mélanie Demers and Karine Ledoyen, from a poem by Gaston Miron

Costumes and Stage Design: Karine Ledoyen in collaboration with Mélanie Demers

Technical Director / Stage Manager: Olivier Chopinet

Administration: Valérie Parent – Diagramme gestion culturelle

Residencies: Maison de la culture de Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, Grand Théâtre de Québec, Tangente in collaboration with OFFTA